Goya Ginger Beer

When Goya tasked us with reimagining their Jamaican Style Ginger Beer in a new 7 oz cocktail size 4 Pack,
a vibrant flavors of the tropics with our Jamaican-style ginger beer! Crafted with authentic island spices and a fiery kick of ginger, each fizzy sip whisks you away to sun-kissed beaches and lush palm trees. Indulge in the bold, exotic taste that brings the essence of Jamaica right to your fingertips.


Client: Goya Foods
Agency: AW Design
Creative Direction: Kris Weber, Dom Alessandro

A Taste of the Tropics

The goal for this design concept was to maintain the spirit of the original design, keeping the fun
colorful parrot character, while giving it a fresh face. We wanted to capture the vibe of a lush,
colorful rainforest, where this parrot and his friends may inhabit, and where cool, crisp refreshments
are always in abundance. The key was sourcing all of the illustration from the same illustrator, maintaining
a consistent look and feel between all the elements.